"thank you for our chat, it helped me a lot and was nice to talk to someone about how I was feeling." - Year 12 Student

There are many reasons people need support and many ways to provide that support. I can offer the following as examples;

- Emotional Support and /or Counselling

You may have been having some kind of professional counselling already and would like to continue in a more casual setting. Eg We can walk and talk or chat over a coffee.

I have done both counselling and other support roles with families, individuals, youth, young parents and more. I can also provide support in areas of addiction, mental health and grief. 

Youth Support - I have experience working with  young people (some in out of home care) who are trying to become independent, navigate our systems and develop life skills . 

- Advice  - As above. I have a diploma in counselling and experience in the social and community sector. I also have a lot of life experience and have had to face challenges.

- French Connection - Need a French tutor? Or do you want to find good French food, or make friends with French people? I can help you connect to the French Community in Melbourne and/or find something French that you are looking for.

- Practical Support , Eg: We can go through your list of things to do

and help you get them done;

-  Reassurance  -If you feel overwhelmed at times with life and want advice or help in getting on top of things;

-  Company  - If you are lonely or elderly and want to catch up on a regular basis for a chat and/or Coffee/Tea; -Understanding

- To Engage with your local community, find new places to go and eat or have coffee, find activities and to connect with similar people to yourself;

 -  Need help being new to the area If you have recently moved to Melbourne from somewhere else and need help to set up your support network and navigate the systems eg Health, School, Banking, Shopping etc

Contact me by email                                               or phone 0418513071 to discuss how  I can address your individual needs and I will put together a package just for you.  Packages to suit any budget.


- I will treat everyone individually and respond to each client's personal needs.. Click on

to email now.