Supporting individuals and families
 in the community

I originally started the Melbourne Connection to help French expats (and in particular the families of expats) in Melbourne to adapt and start a new life. Through experience I have had to work out how to get the best experience out of a new city, and how to see the move as a HUGE positive. If the partner of an expat is not happy then things can go very wrong. To learn more click here


The Melbourne Connection is also here to help all kinds of people from any background or situation. From emotional support to practical advice. Whether you have moved to Melbourne or always lived in Melbourne I am here to help and encourage in whichever way is necessary for you. I can also help people in Melbourne connect to the French community. To learn more click here




I will treat each person individually because everyone will have a different story leading up to contacting me..


I can help people from the local community in all kinds of situations in whatever way I can.

I can adapt to your needs and provide support to suit any budget.

Support for Locals
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