Services and Expertise

Initial Consultation

I propose starting by meeting with you and together working out what your particular needs and concerns are and how I can help you to make your transition to Melbourne smooth.

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  • Integrating and living in Melbourne - Australia 

  • Helping people in the community

  • Helping people to feel connected in their community

  • Helping people to navigate the various systems in Melbourne

  • Expatriation to Australia as the partner/family

  • Speak French

  • Understand French Culture

  • Listening and supporting


"Quand nous sommes arrivés à Melbourne avec nos 4 enfants, Kendra a su me guider dans ce nouveau pays". - Virginie.   #after5

Translation - "When we arrived in Melbourne with 4 children, Kendra knew how to guide me in this new country"

Support Package 

After initial consultation, depending on your needs, I will offer a support package to cover a specific amount of time which will include further sessions and discussions.


I can advise and help you decide on 

- schools  

- areas to live in which suit your lifestyle,

- propose activities and hobbies or site seeing for both partner and children

- Help with navigating the health system, the education system and any other information you may want to search out in Melbourne.

English Conversation/Tutoring

I can help you improve your English through conversation or activities. I can also help you find a tutor for your child if required.

Phone calls and email support 

- My package can include phone calls and email support where appropriate.

- I can also make calls on your behalf and/or help with your English as required.

Cultural Differences 

Being Australian I can help you navigate the cultural differences if you are from outside Australia or help with the differences between Australian cities if you are Australian but not from Melbourne.

Speak to people on your behalf and or be translator...

If you are a french speaker I can be involved in helping with initial phone calls or meetings with people in situations where you are not comfortable to express yourself thoroughly in English. Or alternatively, if English is your first language you may just want help and reassurance in these types of situations.

Emotional Support

I can be there to talk, listen and provide the emotional support you require to help you to feel good about your decision to move to Melbourne with your partner and/or family.

- Knowing where to find good food and a great atmosphere can be very helpful.....
A personal favourite....

#rugbyinmelbourne #supportyourhomecountry


Supporting the French team

'Allez les Bleus"

Other connections...

I can connect you to a fabulous and efficient relocation specialist for other initial logistical arrangements, such as finding a house.

I can help you to connect with people in similar situations to your own or help you with ways to connect with the Australian community.